As a coincidence, I was test reading Stephan Wiesner’s forthcoming book on landscape photography while on vacation in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The key message of the book is “get off the couch”! So what should I do? Just the theory? No way! We invested in bear bells & bear spray and went out. The earlier in the morning, the better.

By the way: the investment paid off as we almost stumbled across a bear family during one of our hikes. However, one cub ran up a tree, curious because of our bells. So we saw it early, and had time to retreat before mom got nervous. Better no picture.

Back to the book. No kidding, this is the best photography book that I ever read. Beginners will profit as much as more advanced photographers, because the book not only explains the roles of shutter speed and aperture, but also tells tons of little tricks – a few of which were new to me.

The book will be soon available on Amazon. Just visit Stephan’s Amazon Profile from time to time. Meanwhile, you may want to enjoy my pictures.