Who will start on Day 4 in Amsterdam?

Today was a great day for Kariem HusseinAlex Wilson and Mujinga Kambundji! Bronze medal for Kariem over the 400m hurdles – a great performance. This medal confirms his exceptional position in Europe. And Bronze for Mujinga too! She had such a difficult season. Today she performed best when the pressure was highest. Moreover, Alex made it to the 200m final (7th). He had a similarly difficult season so far, but always emphasised that his form is good.

But let’s turn to the topic of the blog – what will happen on day 4?


Heptathlon Day 2. So far, everything went extremely well for Michelle Zeltner. PB over the hurdles (13.93), SB in the high jump (1.77), PB in the shot put (14.49), and very good 24.80 over 200m. With 3661 points she is fifth after day 1. Tomorrow, the last three disciplines will follow. Long jump and javelin are two difficult disciplines for her. Tomorrow might be the most important morning of her career.

Linda Züblin (3341 points) and Valérie Reggel (3365 points) had difficulties in the high jump, but will try to perform well on day 2.

Three out of the four athletes ahead of Michelle are the top candidates for the podium: Dutch hopes are with Anouk Vetter who leads after day 1 with 3882 points and is a very good javelin thrower. Antoinette Nana Djimou (FRA, 3786 pts) is second. Hanna Kasyanova (UKR) who is fourth after day 1 (3701 pts) has a very strong second day.

4x400m Men Quali. The Swiss relay qualified in Luzern in an exciting race. The team around the Swiss semifinalist Joel Burgunder will run full gas in the qualification and has a slight chance to make it to the final.


4x100m Men. The Swiss men’s relay had a difficult year. Two important members are injured (Bastien Mouton and Rolf Fongue). So the team had to be re-built around the 200m finalist Alex Wilson.

4 x 100m Women. Maybe the Swiss 4x100m relay was the most frequently discussed topic this year. Early in the year, Mujinga Kambundji declared that she will not run for the relay this year. The differences between her plan to prepare for the season and national coach Laurent Meuwly‘s were incompatible. Heptathlete Ellen Sprunger had a similar problem. She waived her last chance to qualify for the Olympics in the heptathlon. Her abilities in the curve will be important to help her three young teammates Ajla Del Ponte, Sarah Atcho, and Salome Kora.

Pole Vault Women. 18 year old Angelica Moser qualified with 4.45m in her first attempt for the final. This is an outdoor PB (indoor 4.50). Her aim is to master the 4.50 outdoor. Conditions might be difficult, though. This will make the competition a lottery. The top jumpers should be warned by Renaud Lavillenie’s mishap (3 faults at 5.75) yesterday. Otherwise, a big surprise might happen. Who could profit?


800m Women Final. For the first time in her career Selina Büchel has qualified for a final at a major outdoor championship. Like in the previous years, there are no doubts about her potential in the final. In theory, Renelle Lamote (FRA) will be ahead of the pack. Behind her, everything is possible.